Are you ready for a change?  Would you like to have more say in the direction of your clinical practice?  Have you considered all the freedom that non-corporate private practice provides?  I may have the job for you!

Trinity Hills 24hr Pet Hospital (THPH) of Calgary, Alberta is looking for skilled, caring, collaborative and friendly emergency veterinarians to join our existing team in providing superior specialty veterinary care in the Canadian Foothills.  Our emergency service doctors will be empowered to expand their medical and surgical skill set under the mentoring of 2 excellent ER clinicians. In every interaction we have, whether with a client, rDVM, vendor, or anyone for that matter, we expect our staff will be exceptional “ambassadors” representing THPH.

We have a new >7500 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility on the west side of Calgary, which offers three surgical suites, dedicated surgical prep and pack areas with easy access to imaging and intensive care unit. To provide the best care possible, we stay apprised of new innovations and utilize an extensive array of cutting-edge diagnostic, therapeutic and monitoring equipment. These include a new Aquilion Prime CT scanner, a complete laboratory (CBC/Chemistry/I-Stat/Coag/progesterone), monitoring devices (Telemetry/NIBP), digital radiography, multiple ultrasound units, anesthetic ventilator and Pentax endoscopy towers (bronchoscopy, rhinoscopy, endoscopy, vaginoscopy, cystoscopy) as well as the full complement of theriogenology scoping and storage ability. We don’t shy away from technology, so rest assured our surgery, medicine and emergency services will be fully equipped and staffed for your needs. Additionally, we are planning to be virtually paperless with fully integrated treatment, invoicing and medical record software. We have a full-time marketing specialist on-site to promote you and your skills as well as introduce you to the referring community.

When hiring, from top to bottom, we focus on cultural fit which allows us to boast an awesome group of people you will love working with every day. We offer a competitive compensation; an excellent benefits package and we promote a sensible work/life balance policy for all of our employees and partners.

If you are passionate, motivated, and principled in your approach to the practice of Veterinary Emergency Medicine and Surgery, have the personality to work well with colleagues and staff members in a collaborative, respectful, professional environment, and have well-developed skills communicating with referring veterinarians and pet owners, please send your CV attention to Palmer Clarkson at



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